Brenda Castro – en Español

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Join the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry by Clicking Here or Texting COMMIT to 51555. Joven mamá dona sus órganos después de una larga enfermedad “Siempre quería ayudar a la gente” Brenda tenía un espíritu generoso y siempre quiso ayudar a la gente. Su mama, Gloria, dijo que, si le compraba a Brenda una hamburguesa, [...]

Lilliana Cantu

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Lea esta Historia en español Join the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry by Clicking Here or Texting COMMIT to 51555. Grieving mother donates toddler’s organs “In my eyes, she’s always going to be a hero” 14-month-old Lilliana was the youngest of six and described as the “sunshine in everybody’s world”. [...]

Xavier Bahena

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Although he was only two years old when he passed away, Xavier was extremely independent and helpful, always eager to assist loved ones. Two-Year-Old Organ Donor Xavier Bahena Saves Three Lives “Knowing Other People are Alive Because He Helped Them Makes Losing Him More Bearable” On the afternoon of July 22, 2016, Alberto Bahena [...]

Alex Zuniga

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Alex and Tiffany Zuniga often discussed organ and tissue donation and believed it was a beautiful gift to offer those in need. Wife Battles Donation Myths to Honor Husband’s Decision to Donate “Our loved one’s life ended, but it meant a new beginning for someone else and their family” Tiffany Zuniga believes donation is [...]

Alkesh Modi

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Mamta and Alkesh Modi spent quality time together while on a family trip with their two kids. Family’s Faith Creates Lifesaving Legacy For Loved One When a family suffers the loss of a loved one, they often turn to their faith for comfort and guidance. Faith sometimes also plays an important role in a [...]

Mia Lobo

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Photographed here flashing a peace sign from a location in downtown Chicago overlooking the Chicago River on Saint Patrick’s day 2018, Mia Lobo often played the mediator of the family, according to her father Dominic Lobo. Giving Spirit of 5-Year-Old Organ Donor Mia Lobo Lives On Saying yes to organ and tissue donation can [...]


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