Maddox LoPriore

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The Butterfly Effect of 8-Year-Old Organ & Tissue donor Maddox LoPriore

“He wasn’t planned. He was a gift, an angel, in the true sense of the word,” read Ralph LoPriore, the father of 8-year-old organ and tissue donor Maddox LoPriore. “We know that even more now that he has been taken from us. His time on this earth was magical.”

Maddox’s parents were devastated by their loss. But when the time came to speak with a Gift of Hope representative and consider organ and tissue donation on behalf of Maddox, they said, ‘yes.’

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Dale Lessen

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Central Illinois Farmer sets off lifesaving domino effect Dale Lessen had two major loves in his life — his family and farming. The Lincoln, Ill. resident began working as a farmer in 1984 with his father Bill Lessen and spent 35 years of his life cultivating corn and soybean fields throughout Logan County. On April 17, [...]


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