Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donation – Chicago Office

At Gift of Hope, our mission is to show everyone that the gifts of organ donation and tissue donation are truly so much more than that – they are a gift of life and a gift of new hope for those who thought all was lost. Choosing to become an organ donor or a tissue donor is choosing to make a world of difference others, enabling them to have a fresh chance at life. Since 1986, Gift of Hope has worked tirelessly to support the process of organ procurement, saving more than 23,000 lives of those in need of organ donations and changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in need of a tissue transplant. Our service area includes 180 hospitals and 12 million people, giving us the opportunity to touch an incredible number of lives through our organ donation and tissue bank programs.

You can become a part of our mission to change lives by signing up for your local organ donor registry, designating yourself as an organ and tissue donor. Gift of Hope can also support living donation. Also, Gift of Hope is always thankful for financial contributions, as they enable us to continue educating the public about the incredible power we have to save lives simply by becoming an organ and tissue donor.

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