Domonique Smith

Domonique Smith

Domonique carried many titles, affectionately known as “Toni,” “Nikki”, daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, mentor, thespian, singer and dancer. This combination of titles reflected the one that represented her spirit and the feeling everyone felt who encountered her…LOVE.

Nikki’s gifted life was uniquely planned. Her life was a montage of joyous exuberance as she spread her love to all who encountered her. Nikki’s last major accomplishment was the gift of life as an organ donor. Her infectious love enabled two people to have the gift of hope.

Nikki was a breath of fresh air. So on a beautiful sunny day, it was only befitting for the Heavenly gates to open up Monday afternoon, June 1, 2015, to welcome her into God’s reward. A bright ray of sunshine, blue skies and the clouds snow white she received her Heavenly Father! Job well done, my good and faithful servant!


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