Dr. Raquel Garcia-Roca Shares the Importance of Organ and Tissue Donation for the Hispanic Community

“Organ donation is the ultimate altruistic act of generosity. Whether it is living or deceased donation, it is the most amazing gift of life one individual can offer another in need. Organ donation and transplantation go together, you cannot have one without the other. After the tragic loss of a loved one, the lives of multiple individuals can endure through lifesaving organ transplants. Many patients wait a long time for their transplants and transplantation offers a healing and positive impact to the lives of these individuals and their entire families. Although there are many myths about donation, it is important to know that the organizations, professionals, and regulatory agencies participating in organ donation and transplantation are dedicated to honoring organ donors and helping improve the health of thousands of recipients. We all have very high standards and do everything possible to respect and promote life. Hispanics are disproportionately in need of organ transplants and are sometimes deterred from consenting to donation due to the myths and misinformation around donation and transplant. Asking questions and seeking information about donation is key to combatting this barrier. Additionally, having the donation conversation with loved ones can relieve the burden of making that difficult decision for grieving families when the time comes. There is also a great deal of work to do to inform and educate people around the definition of death and the concept of brain death. Hispanics are very generous and know the importance of informing themselves and encouraging conversations among loved ones about donation. This is very beneficial to the health and wellness of the Hispanic Community for the long term.” Join the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry by Clicking Here or Texting HOPE to 51555.