As the leader of your faith community, you can make a significant difference in the lives of donor families and transplant recipients by supporting the decision to donate life.

How to Offer Hope & Life to Others

  • Encourage discussion about donation in your community or hospital. Help your families understand your faith’s support of donation before they face the loss of a loved one.
  • New life arising from death is a common faith-based theme. When appropriate, talk about organ donation in your sermons and messages during worship services.
  • Lead prayer to remember families touched by donation. Also remember the thousands of men, women and children who continue to wait desperately for needed organs and tissue to save or improve their lives.
  • Work with community groups, other religious organizations and families to promote public understanding of ecumenical support for the gift of donation and transplantation.
  • Lead by example: Let your congregation know that you have registered as a life-giving donor and encourage others to make this same decision by registering with the donor registries in Illinois or Indiana.
  • Offer reminders of the gift of donation in your community and in your bulletins and newsletters.
  • Through your congregation or Gift of Hope, invite a donor family member or transplant recipient to speak during a worship service or ministry workshop or discussion.
  • Celebrate National Donor Sabbath with thousands of other congregations throughout the country. The event is held every November two weekends before Thanksgiving weekend.
Learn How Your Religion And Others View Donation.

Gift of Hope has teamed up with to make it easy to become an organ and tissue donor. Visit to join the registry today.

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