Our Forensic & Funeral Service Liaisons work closely with funeral service professionals in Illinois and northwest Indiana to honor the decision to donate and return donors to loved ones after donation takes place. Together, we help save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation.

 Adding Value to the Funeral with The Body Present


Speaker & Topics

Matthew Smith has embalmed nearly 19,000 bodies during his 24-year career. Smith is a world renowned leader in the embalming industry. He is the owner and President of Homeward Bound Shipping, which specializes in domestic mortuary shipping and international repatriation. He is also the founder of the Professional Embalmers Institute, serves as the Director of Education at the Frigid Fluid Co. in Chicago, Ill. and is the host of “Open Casket,” a compelling podcast designed to share knowledge with embalmers from around the world.

» Severe trauma and restorative art

» Creating the “perfect expression”

» Addressing complications from decomposition

» Airbrush cosmetics

» Edema and its affect upon arterial fluid calculation

» Tissue gas

» Jaundice

» Donated bodies

» Autopsy

Continuing Education Units 

This seminar has been approved for six continuing education units for funeral directors and embalmers. It is intended to be an educational resource for funeral directors and embalmers. Non-licensed funeral service staff and pre-need counselors, coroners, medical examiners and allied staff are also welcome.

Take a Virtual Tour of our In-House Organ and Tissue Recovery Suite

We perform tissue recoveries in our in-house recovery suite to maximize donation opportunities and honor the selfless decision to be a donor.

We invite you to take a video tour of our state-of-the-art surgical suite.

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