Jaime di Paulo Shares the Importance of Organ and Tissue Donation for the Hispanic Community

“Medicine has evolved so much that today organ transplantation has become a solution available to many people with diseases that were previously incurable. I believe that donating organs and tissues is one of the greatest signs of generosity that we can offer as human beings. As a husband, father, and grandfather I feel the responsibility to build a more caring world. Having the opportunity to donate is an act of love that gives those who need it the most the possibility of having a life expectancy again. And, at the end of the day, it is an act that brings us closer to what God teaches us. Waiting lists for patients requiring an organ transplant are increasing worldwide, but more among our Latino community. We see many anguished people and families daily. Transplant is a proven and validated resource that our people should know about and have more access to. Like any subject that has a moral and spiritual perspective, it is entirely understandable that there are questions. We need to speak more as a community about the meaning of our life and about human dignity. The discussion of these topics, with clear, transparent information in our language, will contribute to giving more visibility to the importance of donation.” Join the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry by Clicking Here or Texting HOPE to 51555.