Gift of Hopes is committed to providing timely responses to inquiries from the media and supplying information on news regarding organ and tissue donation. While we welcome the opportunity to work with members of the media, we have a responsibility to protect our donors, recipients and their families right to privacy. For more information on HIPAA, please vist www.hhs.gov/hipaa.

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network is a not-for- profit organ procurement organization that coordinates organ and tissue donation and provides public education on donation in Illinois and northwest Indiana. As one of 58 OPOs that make up the nation’s donation system, we work with 180 hospitals and serve 12 million people in our donation service area. Since 1986, we have saved the lives of more than 23,000 organ transplant recipients and improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of tissue transplant recipients through our efforts.

Our Executive and Management Team operates under the direction of Kevin Cmunt, President/CEO, our Board of Directors and our Advisory Council. Our leadership team establishes the organization’s strategic direction and guides a clinical, operations and administrative staff of nearly 300 people in conducting our day-to-day business and clinical activities, all of which seek to save and enhance people’s lives through donation.

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As the donation and transplantation community has grown and matured, the terminology used to describe the lifesaving and life-enhancing gifts of organ, tissue and eye donation has evolved. Many terminology changes have been made at the request of donor families out of respect for their loved ones, so we encourage you to honor their wishes and use several preferred words and phrases that are viewed as better choices when reporting about donation and transplantation. The word “harvest,” for example, is considered harsh today, so we encourage the use of “recovery” (as in “organ recovery” or “tissue recovery”). It has emerged as a universally embraced and preferred term. Here are several other dated donation-related terms and their preferred uses:

Harvest, Procurement or RetrievalRecover or Recovery Organ and tissue recovery is conducted with extreme dignity and respect toward the donor’s body.
Cadaver, CadavericDeceased Donor He received the gift of life from a deceased donor.
Life SupportMechanical, Ventilated or Organ-Perfusion Support The donor’s body was kept on mechanical support to keep the organs oxygenated until the organs were surgically recovered.
Non-Heart-Beating Donation, Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD)Circulatory Death Organ donation can occur in one of two ways: donation after brain death (DBD) or donation after circulatory death (DCD).
Harvest, Procurement or RetrievalRecover or Recovery Organ and tissue recovery is conducted with extreme dignity and respect toward the donor’s body.
“Kept alive for organ donation” (This statement is inaccurate and misleading because the patient is always deceased before organ donation occurs.)Recover or Recovery Organ and tissue recovery is conducted with extreme dignity and respect toward the donor’s body.
Harvest, Procurement or RetrievalKept on mechanical support The donor’s body was kept on mechanical support until the organs were surgically recovered.
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For a more expansive list of terms and topics specific to the field of organ and tissue donation, please visit the Terms and Topics page of OrganDonor.gov, the federal government’s Web site devoted to organ and tissue donation.

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