Nickolaus Schultz


Nick was born in Illinois and moved to Indiana when he was four- years old. Nick died a week after he turned 24 -years- old. He was a fun -loving guy, he could always make you laugh, and pretty much always had a smile on his face. He had a great personality and a very laid-back.

He loved sports. He played baseball, basketball, hockey, football and golf. Football was his passion, he played from 6 years old through college as a offensive lineman.

I would describe Nick as a huge cuddly teddy bear, he was a big guy but had a big, soft heart, and he always looked after those he loved. He had a older sister and they were best friends, they did everything together, and remained very close even as they got older. We are a very close family and have a lot of great memories with Nick, from vacations, to dinners around the dinner table to just hanging out as a family.

Nick graduated college with a sociology degree and started his career as a police officer. He made sure we knew if something happened to him, he wanted to be a donor and help others. He really had a heart of gold.


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