Music’s healing power flows through transplanted heart

Behind the podcast: Born with a serious heart condition, renowned pianist Paul Cardall says that while music was always there to heal his heart, it was a life-saving heart transplant that allowed him to continue inspiring his listeners around the world. Hear his story on the latest episode of “Let’s Talk Hope” at or wherever you find podcasts.

Paul Cardall was born with a congenital heart defect that left him with only half of a heart and the prospect of one year to live. His life was saved by a heart transplant.

Today, Paul is an internationally known composer and GMA Dove award winner, whose piano recordings have topped Billboard charts 11 times. He performed at the White House and collaborated with well-known artists like David Archuleta and CeCe Winans.

He aims to create music that comforts and heals others and raises awareness of heart disease and organ donation.

When Paul was 13, he faced a life-threatening infection that required a second heart surgery, and then a third. Shortly after that, he lost a close friend in an accident. Paul found that playing the piano helped him make sense of his grief and brought solace. “We all need something to help us and music – just creating peaceful, calm, relaxing music – did that for me,” said Paul.

Paul believes his life has been a gift – a miracle, as his parents always told him. Now, he uses his fame, his voice and his recordings to support organ donors and those waiting for transplants. Travelling the world as a musician, Paul tried to help families affected by congenital heart disease. Many of his lyrics refer to the heart and to life. He recorded an album about his own experience and his heart transplant. The importance of organ donation is a message that runs through most of Paul’s recordings and other projects.

The man who donated his heart to Paul was from Mexico. Paul feels closely connected to him through the heart beating in his chest. Paul’s oldest daughter, born after his transplant, bears the donor’s name as her middle name.

Paul believes that he is alive to help others heal.  “Healing is a lifelong pursuit. We have our dark Fridays but Sunday comes.”

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