Finding a “new normal” after the loss of a loved one can be difficult. While donation is a powerful and transformative experience, the grief that donor families feel about the loss of their special someone, and the effect it has on their life as a survivor, is very real and unique. At Gift of Hope, we are committed to partnering with and supporting our donor and recipient families as they move through their individual donation journey. We offer a wide variety of aftercare programs and services such as: ongoing information about donation outcomes, correspondence between donor families and recipients, memory-making workshops, educational seminars and donor tributes.

A common question people have about donation is if they can learn information about the people who receive their loved one’s gifts. Within 30-45 days, all donor families receive a letter honoring the donor and letting the family know what gifts were recovered. Organ donor families may receive non-identifying information about the recipients of their loved one’s gifts, such as age and gender. One year after donation, tissue donor families can also receive information about their loved one’s donation.

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