Medical Examiners Coroners

Medical Examiner, Coroners, State’s Attorneys and Law Enforcement


State’s attorneys, medical examiners and coroners (ME/Cs), and law enforcement officials play key roles in ensuring that Illinois patients and families are not unreasonably denied the opportunity to participate in the miracle of organ and tissue transplantation. Preserving and protecting this opportunity for all Illinois patients and their families requires close and careful collaboration among many parties, including:  the patient’s family, Gift of Hope (the federally-designated organ recovery service provider), hospitals, health care providers, ME/Cs, law enforcement, and state’s attorneys.

Reference: The Basics on Organ/Tissue Donation provides you and your team with essential information on:

  • What organs can be donated?
  • What tissues can be donated?
  • What is first-person authorization?
  • Donation after brain death
  • Donation after circulatory death

Effective cooperation saves the lives of countless patients in need of organ transplantation and ensures that all available forensic and pathological evidence is collected and preserved. In many cases, organ and tissue donation can provide information that would not otherwise be available. The Shared Recovery Protocol for Medical Examiner/Coroner Cases describes how this essential process occurs.

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