Workplace Partnership for Life

a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiative that invites workplaces throughout the nation to partner with organ recovery organizations like Gift of Hope to spread the word about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

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How to Become a Workplace Partner for Life

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Step step 1

Pick one or more individual(s) to serve as your organization’s Gift of Hope Workplace Partnership for Life (WPL) Liaison

Step step 2

Complete our sign-up form here and provide information about your organization and your WPL Liaison’s contact information

Step step 3

Check out Gift of Hope Workplace Partnership for Life service opportunities and let us know which activities will provide the greatest impact in your community

Step step 4

Be recognized by Gift of Hope and HRSA as a Workplace Partner that this commited to the well-being of the community.
01 messages from leadershipMessages from Leadership. We all read the emails sent by our leadership teams. Help us maximize the impact of our donation message. Gift of Hope will provide a monthly email message to share with your team. Send out the messages that you find meaningful.
02 gear up

Join Local & National Donation Celebrations  Join Gift of Hope and other Workplace Partners in local and national celebrations by hosting web banners, sharing on social media, or displaying posts on your employee intranet home page. 

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03 learn heroes in our commLearn More About the Heroes in Our Community. Learn about the donation experience from a Gift of Hope Donor Family in your community. One of Gift of Hope’s Donor Families will share their personal organ or tissue donation story with your leadership team, or at an employee event.
04 celebrateCelebrate the Heroes in Your Community. When a Donor saves the lives of others, the Hospital often raises a Gift of Hope flag in honor and celebration of the Donor. Purchase a 2020 Gift of Hope Celebration of Life flag and raise it at your organization when there is a life-saving hero in your community. some sort of rating system
05 take it fartherHelp Take the Message Farther. Help HRSA and Gift of Hope connect with the Community. Include information about organ and tissue donation and a link to on your organization’s website or other social medica platforms.
06 host or sponsor an educationHost or Sponsor an Education & Registration Station. The Community Outreach team will set up a Gift of Hope Education & Registration Station in your facility. Go the extra mile and help fund an Education & Registration Station that will travel with the Gift of Hope team throughtout Illinois. some sort of rating system
07 support programsSupport Gift of Hope Programs. Gift of Hope provides ongoing support to families who have lost a loved one and serves the community by expanding awareness. Hold a small fundraiser to support Gift of Hope’s crtitical community programs. some sort of rating system

The Workplace Partnership for Life is a national initiative sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), to educate our community about the crucial need for organ, eye, and tissue donation and encourage people to sign up as organ and tissue donors. Since 2011, the campaign and has generated more than 492,000 donor registrations.

Gift of Hope, the federally-designated organ recovery agency serving most of Illinois, invites all Illinois organizations, big and small, to join other Illinois Workplace Partners for Life.

Gift of Hope LogoDon’t miss the opportunity to be involved. Any organization in Illinois can become a Workplace Partner for Life and participate in Gift of Hope’s annual campaigns to expand awareness and help the 113,000+ people on the national organ transplant waiting list whose lives could benefit from the gift of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Your organization can also earn recognition from HRSA and Gift of Hope for your participation.

Participation is easy – but will create meaningful employee engagement opportunities and have a tremendous impact on the lives of others in our community.

For more information and details on ways you can become actively involved in this campaign, please register above or email Gift of Hope at .

In helping to spread this message, you will be saving lives. Thank you for your support.

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