Funeral Service Professionals

Funeral Service Professionals

Funeral service professionals have an important role in lifegiving organ and tissue donation, and supporting individuals and their families who make this decision to donate and help others. We work closely with our funeral service partners throughout Illinois and northwest Indiana to make this possible.

Among the support and resources Gift of Hope provides for  funeral service providers are:

For more information and to request resources, e-mail Gift of Hope’s Partner Relations team.

Only through close collaboration can we ensure that every donor’s wishes are honored and every opportunity to save and enhance lived through organ and tissue donation is realized.

Learn more about the donation process here.

We are committed to providing information, support and connection opportunities to donor families for as long as they would like.

Visit the Donor Family Services page to learn more.

Helpful materials

Gift of Hope works closely with funeral service professionals in Illinois and northwest Indiana to honor the decision of organ, eye and tissue donors and their families.

We also provide helpful materials (flags, bracelets/pins for visitations) that can be used during funeral services to recognize and honor the selfless gift of donation.

Contact Partner Relations at for more information or to request materials.


Join the HRSA DoNation Campaign

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) encourages all hospitals and workplaces to join us in educating and promoting life-giving organ and tissue donation.

Each year, HRSA recognizes hospitals and workplaces across the country for their participation in the campaign. Many hospitals work with Gift of Hope annually to earn this federal recognition.

Click here for information and a toolkit to get started today.

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