Stories Of Hope & Healing

Stories of Hope & Healing

Every life touched by donation and transplantation is a story of hope and healing. Together, these stories are a tapestry of lives interconnected. The story of every organ, eye or tissue donor is a story of their family. The story of every transplant recipient is the story of a donor. Often, the story of a donor family and the story of a recipient come together to create a new story of hope, healing and connection.

These are a few of the stories of the thousands of people whose lives were changed through organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation.

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Alex Zuniga

His wife battled donation myths to honor his decision to donate

Alkesh Modi

His family’s faith created a lifesaving legacy

Arturo Rubio

His wife honored his donation wish, saving four lives

Autumn Toelle Jackson

She found healing in her baby’s life-giving donation

Brenda Castro

A young mother, she donated her organs after a long illness

Brent Hubley

He was one of the kindest men you could ever meet

Bret Vogt

His organ recipient has been given new life and strives to feel worthy of the gifts.

Carlos Murillo

Following his mother’s advice, he saved two lives through donation

Charee Alexander

She had big plans for her life before giving life to six people

Chad Pramuk

A father whose love for life still holds them all up

Chris Baugher

A talented welder, he would give the shirt off his back to anyone

Cord Pearce

He was a talented athlete who left a hero’s legacy

Dale Lessen

He was a central Illinois farmer who started a lifesaving domino effect

Daniel Runyan

His decision to donate helped his children find hope after loss

Deveraux Hubbard II

His giving spirit lives on through his family’s decision to donate

Domonique Smith

She spread love to all who encountered her

Gordon Harris

After a heart transplant, he cherishes a second chance at life

Ibrahim Haleem

He is a four-time liver recipient who says his faith supports donation

Izaiah Francheschi

Teen’s lifesaving legacy lives through others

Janiya Hines

She said, “When I grow up I want to be an organ donor, too”

Jermaine Cullum

High school athlete’s legacy saved three lives and continues through prevention efforts

Jillian Geuns Hege

A young dancer, her gift saved the lives of four people

Jim McFarlin

He is a writer and wedding officiant who loves to talk about his transplant

John Kachanuk

He’s a fire chief and athlete who says his tissue donors are the real heroes.

Jonathan Ho

He donated to serve, protect and save lives

Karina Jaramillo

She didn’t want other children to suffer with JRA as she did

Kimberly Johnson

She named her new kidney Faith after how she got through the wait for a transplant

Kyle Zuleg

His tragic accident at 16 allowed five people to live healthier lives

Laurie Lee

She donated her own kidney to honor the organ donor who saved her father’s life

Lilliana Cantu

She was a toddler whose grieving mother chose donation

Luis Ortiz

His life feels limitless after a heart transplant

Maddie Finch

She was a cheerleader whose family found hope in tissue donation

Maddox LoPriore

He was an 8-Year-Old organ & tissue donor who gave new life to others

Marcus Butler

He gave of himself in life as well as in death

Marquita Britton

Her kidney transplant has made her passionate about donation

Mia Lobo

Her giving spirit at 5-years-old lives on in organ donation

Rafael Bruno

His wishes to be an organ donor were known and honored by his fiancé

Sean Wilbert

He offered life and hope to his brother through donation

Shawna Hall

She chose donation for her wife because it was the
right thing to do

Suzie Sturm

After her liver transplant, she found her life’s purpose.

Teneka Wyatt

Mother’s life of service lives on through donation

Tiffany Mathis

Surgery using donor tissue helped young CEO live without pain

Tony Gonzalez

A burn survivor, his recovery has been a journey of discovery

Tommy Butts

A kidney donation would have been lifesaving, but police officer’s story continues to inspire others

Xavier Bahena

He saved three lives as a two-year-old organ donor

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