Provide your feedback

Provide your feedback

Every family with whom we work has important feedback on their experience with organ & tissue donation and our Gift of Hope team. 

The insights we receive from families help us continually improve the donation process, the information and services we provide families and much more.

What was most helpful to you? What could be handled differently? Your feedback and thoughts can help other families as we work tirelessly to provide every family the best possible care—even if they decline to authorize donation. 

Will you take a few moments to provide feedback on your experience? Your opinion can make a difference.

You may provide your feedback anonymously, or provide your name and contact information if you would like one of our Donor Family Services Aftercare Specialists to contact you.  All survey responses are confidential. 

For families of organ & tissue donors

If your loved one was an organ & tissue donor, click here to provide your feedback.

Familiares de los donantes de órganos y tejidos

Si su ser querido fue donante de órganos o tejidos, haga clic aquí para dejar sus comentarios.

For families who declined to authorize donation

If your family spoke with Gift of Hope and chose not to authorize donation, click here to provide your feedback.

We are here for you. Our Donor Family Services Team is here for you. Reach out to us any time at or 877-577-3747.

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