Don’t Let Age Prevent You From Becoming an Organ Donor

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  As medical science continues to advance, the call for donated organs and tissues increases. Back in 1991, there were 23,000 people on the national transplant waiting list but in 2018, the number had grown to 113,000 men, women and children in the United States awaiting a transplant according to information from the Organ Procurement and [...]

The 14: Alice Siete-Nevel

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Alice, center with her grandchildren When her mother needed a kidney transplant in 1996, Alice Siete-Nevel of Garden Prairie, Ill., didn’t think twice about becoming a living donor. “Donating an organ to someone else is a big deal,” said Alice. “But back in the 90s, nobody talked about living donation and the idea of [...]

Home of Love: Barb Thomas

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James Love and Barb Thomas When Barbara Thomas rented out her home to the Love family she didn’t know it would change her life forever. “It was during the housing crisis of 2009 that I wanted to move, but knew that it wasn’t the right time to sell my home,” said Barbara. “When my [...]


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